Petra Volumnius
Full Name Petra Volumnius
Species Turian
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2156
Place of Birth Oma Ker
Occupation Citadel Security Officer
Known Relatives blah, parents will be here later
Special Notes There's a reason she's called "The Kicker"


Petra isn't really what one would call "well known" on the Citadel. She has definitely made a name for herself in the office and among some of the gangs but she's not a face that everyone would recognize. A sexist environment influenced the already socially nervous turian into being an almost ruthless workaholic. The sexist environment rather swiftly dissipated after she put in a 90 hour work week and brought in two wanted thieves and evidence against a bouncer that was beginning to make a name for himself. Then she started getting the occasional complaint from suspects about being manhandled or even taking a couple of hits to get information or brought in with no resistance. Of course it was investigated, she was sent to counselling and got a psych evaluation that ended with her spending some time on a paid suspension, but surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, enough nothing really held except the knowledge that she had a bad temper.

As for her past, Petra was born and grew up on Oma Ker just the same as the Councillor and the respected Spectre Nihlus where her passion for her colony got her white markings tattooed. The reddish turian does have slight social anxiety, sadly though she uses her brutishness from to push through it but this isn't to say her heart doesn't start pounding when she goes to talk to someone. Sometimes when it gets too much, she chambers her leg to speed things up a bit so she can get out of there. This habit didn't start until late into her military career at home with a version of kick boxing to release steam, either on her own or during sparring with others - she found that she had more strength in her legs than her arms, and the reach was an added bonus. Others quickly learned that when the nervous female chambered her leg that she was approaching her limit and the stress was released through the resulting force.

After approximately 8 years in the military, papers were filed for her to transfer to the Citadel to work with their police force to keep gang-related crime low. She did work within the confines of the law on Oma Ker and it wasn't too different on the Citadel. When news broke about Nihlus, her distaste for criminals got even worse and for a short period she was more ruthless than before. Then, when the Alliance Commander Shepherd proved that it was the former Spectre Saren and it was publicly revealed what was going on, she was stunned and in utter denial - the Geth were coming beyond the veil and attacking colonies? No way that could be true. Just… No. No way. Definitely not. The Council wouldn't lie though, so it had to be true.


Informant: What? Petra? The Kicker? Yeah, she's got herself a nickname. She's known to be one of the rougher officers on the clock. And off, too. Just because she's a female doesn't mean she's a soft, delicate little thing, and if you say she is she's likely to punch you out of principle.

Smuggler: Petra? That bitch? If I can get my hands on her, or my sights, she is going down. She took out half of my team and nearly killed half of them. Production has come a screeching halt. Not hardly anyone wants to work with us for fear of bringing her along with us.

Flux Waitress: Who? Marks similiar to Cou— Ah, yeah. She comes in, orders a few drinks but never anything really happens. She keeps to herself, pays with a fair tip as well. I've seen some people give her looks, curious, worrisome, some even with daggers, but she pays no one any mind, occasionally meets with people. Mm. Like I said, she doesn't cause any problems.

Chora's Den Dancer: Yeah, I get all sorts in and rarely anyone stands out, but she's pretty well known here for muscling out some of the rowdier ones when they start to get billigerent. I've heard her occasionally say something about it being the way she likes to spend her day off. And she leaves some pretty good tips, too.

Dark Star Lounge Bartender: Best bouncer I ever had - amazing that her boss at C-Sec lets her do this on her downtime. I can only imagine what things she had to agree to to let her have this.


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