Piloting Skill Chart

The base Difficulty for every piloting or driving skill roll is 5, then add any of the following modifiers. Modifiers may stack.

Environmental Modifiers

Terrain Modifiers Difficulty Modifier
Easy terrain (flat surface, smooth water, light breeze, light rain or fog, Space: open space lanes) 0
Moderate terrain (uneven surface, small obstacles, choppy water, strong winds, heavy rain or fog, Space: planetary approach) +5
Rough terrain (large obstacles, strong undercurrent, flying near unyielding obstacles, Space Combat: skirmish sized battle) +10
Very rough terrain (dense and large obstacles, stormy weather, a few airborne hazards, hail, Citadel Space Lanes: Docking approach) +15
Hazardous terrain (minefield, many airborne hazards, large waves, complete darkness, Space: navigation through asteroid field) +20
Very hazardous terrain (corridor filled with falling debris and explosions, flying in a hurricane, Space Combat: Capital Ship evasive action during Armada sized battle) +25 or more

Stunt Maneuvers

Piloting Stunt Difficulty
Docking (water), parking in a specific spot 6
Landing (air vehicles) in a specific spot 10
Regaining control (in situations other than ramming or sideswiping) 15
Sideswiping 10
Easy turn (less than 45 degrees from current direction) 5
Fast 45-degree turn 9
Fast 90-degree turn 15
Fast 180-degree turn 21


Condition Difficulty Modifier
For All Vehicles Moving in reverse +6
Ramming +10
For Land and Water Vehicles Moved or moving over curb or debris +3
Limited parking or docking area +3
For Land Vehicles Not Designed for Off-Road Conditions Off-road +6
For Air Vehicles and Aerial Characters Unlimited landing area -3
Limited landing area +3
Almost no landing area +6
Rough or unsteady landing area +3 or more
Climb or dive of 45 degrees or more from current direction +6 or more
* It is possible to stack modifiers where appropriate - at the game master's discretion.
  • As noted in the above table, the modifiers can potentially stack when appropriate. It is, therefore, possible that this could create nearly insurmountable difficulty modifiers for some characters.
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