This page summarizes the key MUSH policies.

Feel free to submit questions to staff. These questions will be deliberated upon by staff, and a decision will be issued if necessary. Such questions, and their answers, are listed at the Policy Questions page.

All Players Must Be 18+ Years Of Age

Players are free to include mature themes, such as graphic violence, or strong language in their writing. As a result, Mass Effect: Legends may contain content that some parents might not consider suitable for minors. Players must be at least 18 years of age to participate on ME:Legends.

Player Bans and other punishment

The following examples of toxic conduct may result in a ban from Mass Effect: Legends. First, warnings will be given in clear terms, so that players know exactly what to do to avoid a ban. (Not "fix your attitude!" but, e.g., "You should just stop chatting in the OOC room.")

  • Spamming, hacking, etc.
  • Disgustingly graphic language.
  • Rampant sexism, racism, homophobia, or the like: not just stuff people "don’t like", but trash that is genuinely intolerable.
  • Spying on people, spilling roleplayers’ private information.


The default rule is free expression. This includes discussions of staff decisions; players are free to constructively critique staff and speak honestly about MUSH policy without fear of retribution. Attacks, insults or poisonous complaints are not protected - against staff or players.

OOC banter in public areas should avoid excessive profanity or crude language. Staffers have the right to tell you to tone it down. You're free to say critical things, but do it in a civil way.


Do not ever depict underage sex.
Do not depict sexual themes in public that exceed what was seen or written in the Mass Effect games or novels.
Do Not Engage In Sexual Acts In Public.

Character Generation

See also: the Chargen Guide.

Alt Policy

We encourage players to invest themselves in their characters. We don't formally restrict number of alts, but we do ask that you only create alts that you intend to play and retire those you do not.

No Feature Characters.

There are no FCs here. At the risk of being cute, it could also be said that every character is a "featured" character.

The Normandy crew and their associates will never be open for application. Staff will never actively emit the characters from Mass Effect unless it happens to tie into a global plot and only for as long as necessary.

Features will never become Staff "pet characters".

Chargen is built from the perspective that people want to play exceptional individuals: "legends". The standard starting character is fit for service on the Normandy, and poised to embark on adventures of the same scale as the series' "Featured Characters" at their beginning/introductory points in Mass Effect 1.

What is allowed to one is allowed to all

All players are treated equally in chargen: we do not reward "awesome character concepts" with bonus points, or allow things to one person that we deny to another.

To emphasize a point made above, we also strive to have a chargen process dominated by clear, objective rules, and to keep subjective staffer discretion out of the process. You do not have to barter or cajole to get the character you want, and we do not "rate" applicants.


Consent is required for serious harm to player characters.

We use a game system that includes health levels and injuries. However, when health fails completely the character is incapacitated only. Player consent is required for death, maiming, and similar character changing juries. Staff will arbitrate as necessary but we strongly encourage players to attempt self-resolution first.

Characters Power and Influence

Greater influence means greater oversight

As characters gain political influence, they (and indirectly, their players) come to have greater power to shape the overall setting. A character with massive amount of political power (e.g. running Cerberus, commanding the entire Alliance fleet) becomes subject to some staff oversight to ensure that the overall meta story for the game is not derailed as it were. We prize freedom of story telling, however it must remain "believable" within the framework of the Mass Effect universe as we all know it.


Plot Policies and Guidelines are still being created. Check back soon for further details.

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