Attribute Dice 18D
Attribute Min Max
Dexterity 2D 4D
Knowledge 2D 4D
Mechanical 2D 5D
Perception 2D 3D
Strength 1D 3D
Technical 3D 5D+1
Biotics NA NA
Move 10 12
Homeworld Rannoch
Languages Quarian, Basic
Example Names Tali'Zorah vas Neema nar Rayya, Shala'Raan vas Tonbay, Zaal'Koris vas Qwib Qwib. First name + "Nar" (Child of) or "Vas" (Crew of) + name of the ship. Immature quarian are still "Nar" and are identified as a child of the colony or ship. Once a quarian has completed their rite of passage and earned their place on a home-ship they use "Vas" instead of "Nar."

The quarian are a nomadic species of humanoid aliens known for their skills with technology and synthetic intelligence. Since their homeworld Rannoch was conquered, the quarian live aboard the Migrant Fleet, a huge collection of starships that travel as a single fleet.

Approximately three hundred years ago, the quarian created the geth, a species of rudimentary artificial intelligences, to serve as an efficient source of manual labor. However, when the geth gradually became sentient, the quarian became terrified of possible consequences and tried to destroy their creations. The geth won the resulting war and forced their creators into exile. Now the quarian wander the galaxy in a flotilla of salvaged ships, secondhand vessels, and recycled technology.


The quarian are a nomadic species of humanoid aliens. Quarian are generally shorter and of slighter build than humans. They dress in a scavenged assortment of materials, hiding their faces behind visors, goggles, or breathing masks. Due to living upon completely sterile spaceships for most of their lives, quarian have virtually no immune system, and cannot remove their life-support systems until they return to their fleet. Due to their limited amount of living space and resources, quarian are only allowed one child per family. All young quarian are required to solitarily embark upon a Pilgrimage, a rite of passage where they leave their home ships and set out to discover and bring back something of value or use, whether it be an artifact, equipment, or even knowledge, which they would present to the captain of the ship of their choice. Once the gift is accepted, the quarian is accepted into the ranks of the ship; gifts are rarely declined, as most captains are bound by tradition to accept anything that can be of use, but a stigma is attached to those who proffer substandard gifts.

The quarian are divided politically into two branches of government: the Enclave, a civilian body that represents the majority of the people on the various ships of the Migrant Fleet, and the Admiralty Board, comprised of the five highest-ranking naval officers in the fleet. The Enclave is subdivided into councils on each ship who advise the captains of the individual vessels; however, the captains still have the final say on all issues and all matters of jurisprudence. Captains who override their respective councils on too regular a basis are either ordered by the Admiralty Board to settle their disputes on their own or relinquish command. The Admiralty Board has a great deal of influence on all matters pertaining to the fleet, has direct command of the fleets' military forces and has veto power that overrides any decision the Conclave makes that is seen to be detrimental or dangerous to the fleet. However, the decision must be unanimous and once this veto is invoked, the entire Admiralty Board must resign their seats immediately, to prevent any possible abuse of power. Any Admiralty Board member who refuses to relinquish his or her seat is subject to arrest.

The quarian are looked down upon by the Citadel races, mainly due to their creation of the geth three hundred years prior to the game's timeline. After all, it was they who created the geth, it was they who were unable to quell the geth insurrection, and now that they have been forced off of their homeworld by the geth and relegated to roaming the galaxy in an increasingly threadbare and derelict migrant flotilla, the quarian are generally unwanted throughout the galaxy, due to the unsightliness of their fleet and their tendency to take whatever employment they can find, often at the expense of native inhabitants. As a matter of fact, the leaders of any colonies or systems through which the Migrant Fleet might pass are often inclined to donate any spare items of useto the quarian as a bribe to keep them from visiting or hanging around for very long; quarian are grateful for the assistance and have never abused this tendency, but many cannot help but feel insulted by the far-from-magnanimous motivations behind these "gifts." However, their skill at electronics, engineering and cybernetics make them ideal workers for major corporations and mining firms; quarian are considered to be amongst the best and brightest of the galaxy when it comes to technological and geological aptitude.


Quarians are creative and inquisitive, but tend to be defensive as they are well aware of how other species view them.

Physical Traits

Quarians are generally shorter and of slighter build than humans. Quarian hands consist of a thumb and only two fingers, while their feet have only two large, prominent toes. They dress in a scavenged assortment of materials, hiding their faces behind visors, goggles, or breathing masks. Some believe the quarians are cybernetic, a blend of machine and biology that can survive for a time in the cold vacuum of space. Others believe the quarians are simply so used to living on their substandard, makeshift ships that they never remove their survival suits.


The quarians used to practice a form of ancestor worship. This involved taking a personality imprint from the individual and developing it into an interface similar to a VI. However, the geth destroyed the quarians' ancestor databanks when they rebelled. Respect for their ancestors is still prevalent in quarian society.


The quarian have never shown any Biotic abilities or tendencies.

Unique Abilities

Technical Aptitude

During character creation, for every 1 skill point spent in a Technical skill gains 2 instead. (maximum of +6)

Technical Scholar

During character creation, quarians may take 2 more Technical skills than other races.

Rig Masters

Quarians incur a -3 to all Technical repair skills instead of the -6 when not using an Omni-Tool.


Quarians have virtually no natural immune system. Without a protective suit or sterile environment, a Quarian is subject to disease. The first time the quarian is exposed, and once every hour thereafter, make an attack roll (3d+3) against the character's Stamina. If the attack succeeds, the character takes 2d6 points of damage and moves. This attack occurs again each day the disease remains untreated. Treating the disease requires a successful moderate Medicine roll. A basic replacement suit costs 2,000 credits (500 on a quarian vessel), and a year's supply of filters costs 200 credits (50 on a quarian vessel). Quarian characters begin play with these items at no cost.

Geth Hatred

Any quarian character that goes out of their way to destroy or capture a geth should be given 1 character point (at GM decision)


Any Quarian on their pilgrimage cannot return to the Migrant Fleet until they have obtained something of value, typically an artifact, equipment or even some piece of knowledge.

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