Repair Skills

Though there are many different kinds of repair skills, they all follow the same principles.

The base difficulty to repair or modify anything is 10. Modifiers may stack when appropriate.

The amount of damage sustained, the character’s familiarity with the item, availability of parts, and complexity of the task can modify the difficulty. The game master may require a separate roll to determine whether the character can figure out how to repair an unknown item. Destroyed parts must be replaced, which raises the difficulty. Additionally, if a hero rushes the job, not only is there an increased chance of failure, but the item could also break again soon after its next use.

Situation Difficulty Modifier
Light repairs or modifications 0
Heavy repairs or modifications +5
Extensive repairs or modifications +10 or more
Previously built or modified the item; intimately familiar with item -10
Has item’s designs -5
Common item 0
Has seen but not used item +5
Has never seen item +10
All parts available 0
Some parts available +10
No parts available +20
No Omni-Tool +6
Makeshift tools +15
Has proper tools * -5
*Tool kits might provide their own additional bonuses.
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