Full Name Skarr Ruuhin
Portrayed By Voiced by Ron Perlmann
Species Krogan
Gender Male
Place of Birth Tuchanka
Occupation Totally not at all corrupt cop
Special Notes
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Ruuhin is a cop. Now the thing of it is is that he's a Krogan cop and Krogan's aren't so much sticklers for the letter of the law as they are the letter of "do what I say" and the spirit of "you called me out here for THIS?" but in spite of the fact that he's sometimes morally lazy there's few the men and women of C-Sec would rather turn to when the wolves are at the door than Ruuhin. He's been a soldier, a mercenary, a bounty hunter all in due time. But now he's a cop. He'd be best suited with the SWAT teams but honestly they need him out there walking the beat, helping to put a Krogan face on C-Sec.


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