Scarlet Krestlind
'Scarlet' Krestlind
Full Name Kireal 'Scarlet' Krestlind
Portrayed By
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 21, 2153 CE
Place of Birth San Diego, Earth
Occupation LEO/SRU Team Lead
Known Relatives Allara Krestlind - Mother (Dancer)
Special Notes
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Kireal (Kee-Rye-El) Krestlind is a rising star in Citadel Space Law Enforcement. An up and coming SRU/SWAT Officer from Earth-space, Kireal has made her name as a strong forerunner of the Strategic Response Team school of thought in Special Weapons And Tactics and Planetary/Space Station Law Enforcement. As a typical SRU Team Lead, Kireal and her team members are trained in a variety of tactics, criminal psychology, demolitions and law enforcement (support) technologies. The tools of her trade are a cool head, a cooler tongue, Weather-tuner Omni-Tool, Omni-Rope and grapple, and a Sniper Rifle or Assault Rifle and Pistol depending on the task at hand. Kireal will tell you that her Team Philosophy is that when they meet someone, they're not meeting a criminal, they're meeting you or I on thier worst possible day - and she wants to bring as many people as possible home, safe and sound. Likened to a 21st Century Hostage Rescue Team however, Kireal's experience is widely applicable.

Kireal's experience has gotten the attention of her superiors, but the success of her team has also warranted her attention beyond the scop eof her own planet. As a competent professional, Kireal has traveled the Galaxy to a variety of Law Enforcement Symposiums and Conferences where she's met a variety of technologists and LE Professionals. In addition, while not quite N7 Caliber, Kireal holds a brevet rank of Lieutenant in the Alliance military - where she has been tapped multiple times for both her law enforcement expertise and her relationship with the law enforcement community. Sometimes a situation demands a gentler touch than the Alliance Military might provide.


Born and raised on Earth, Kireal's history has taken her farther from it than she ever expected. The daughter of a military father and a nurse, Kirieal grew up well looked after, but witha father who wasn't always there when she needed him to be. She was athletic early on and aspired to a career in Law Enforcement, wanting to stay closer to home than her father had. She had determined that she would not be like her father, and would 'be there' for her friends and family. But she still had that itch to serve.

She excelled in Academy, and in additional training, was particularly apt with the use of an Omni-Tool. Though the practical uses of the Omni-Tool were intuitive to her, she couldn't pass the tests to become an Engineer herself. But that was just fine with Kireal, now dubbed 'Scarlet' by her instructors because her red hair made her impossible to miss. She did excel in the psychological testing, but that wouldn't effect her until much later.

A cooler head served her well even as a beat cop, and it wasn't long before she was working in the local Strategic Response Unit on a temporary basis. Her people skills proved essential and in line with the unit's philosophy, and she took to her cross-training between criminal psychology and hostage negotiation like a fish to water. After a few years of service on the team she was being seriously considered for team lead by her superiors.

She has since worked with a variety of off-world teams in many different places. Particularly, she says she favors the discretion and cunning of the Salarian STG, the brutal efficiency of the Turians and that you don't need breeching tools when you have a Krogan. She has met a number of law enforcement professionals throughout Citadel space. Her experience increasingly takes her away from Earth for training or temporary operations, and the Systems Alliance military has even granted her a brevet rank of Lieutenant so that she can carry out her duties when on Temporary Assignment with them.

Among her friends she counts a sales rep, Pyotr, from Rosenkov Materials whom she has worked for setting up police forces on Rim colonies, or buying materials for her own team. She also knows a 'Doctor Laurie', a criminal psychologistwhom she often calls for advice on how to talk to the people she meets in her line of work - a sort of 'working mentor' as it were.


Kireal 'Scarlet' Krestlind's dossier describes her as a competent and professional Law Enforcement Officer with endless potential. While not quite as capable as many Alliance Special Operations, Kireal's discretion and 'softer touch' have occassionally proved indispensable. She also seems to have an uncanny knack for planning, operations and staging - and a relationship with her suppliers not often enjoyed within the military. Having worked throughout Citadel Space on behalf of the Alliance, those few who do know of Kireal typically approve of her cool head and her calm approach to her work. Lastly, her Scarlet hair seems to make her instantly recognizable.

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