This skill reflects formal academic training or dedicated research in a particular field. Scholar also reflects a character's ability to find information through research. Characters should choose a specialization to reflect a specific area in which they have studied.
Specializations are subjects often taught at the great universities throughout the galaxy, including archaeology, botany, chemistry,
geology, history, ftl theories, and physics. Specializations can also be topics a character could have researched on his own.

Scholar represents "book-learning," not information learned from practical experience. A character can know the various ftl theories
inside and out, but this doesn't qualify him to fly starships through hyperspace (that's covered by the navigation skill). He might know the physical principles which make a gun fire, but that doesn't make him a better shot.

Game masters can choose to allow players a limited benefit under certain circumstances — the character is applying theory in a real-world situation. For example, a character with scholar: military tactics (the history of tactics) normally doesn't get a bonus to tactics rolls, but under certain circumstances, a good scholar: military tactics roll might merit a small (+1-6) bonus to tactics.

When determining a character's background, players should explain why and how they gained such academic training in a field. Like many other Knowledge skills, the difficulty is based on the obscurity and detail of the information sought. Refer to interaction skills for more details.

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