Jessica 'Seagull' Caudra
Jessica 'Seagull' Caudra
Full Name Corporal Jessica 'Seagull' Caudra
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Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1 April 2160
Place of Birth Citadel Station
Occupation Alliance Systems Marine - Combat Engineer
Known Relatives Max and Claudine Caudra - Drug and alcohol addicts, that were parents. Lydia and Jackson Stirling - 'Adoptive parents'
Special Notes Awarded a medal for bravery during anti-piracy operations. Former Duct Rat on Citadel
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Corporal Jessica 'Seagull' Caudra is an Alliance Marine Combat Engineer, that has received training and implants that allow her to act as an infiltrator to provide both cover and provide information to whichever squad she's working with at the time. She's also been known to 'borrow' things that ship might need, but is unable to obtain quickly. She's known to be very loyal and acts as a big sister to fellow Systems Alliance Marines.

She was put forward for officer training, with a view of going onto special forces, though declined the offer as she's content being a Marine. She does have dreams of one day being able to reach the rank of Sergent. She has also been awarded a medal for conduct under fire.


Jessica 'Seagull' Caudra was raised on the Citadel. Her parents were originally merchants, until they failed to deliver on a large contract from Citadel, that ultimately saw their ship impounded and auctioned off to cover the debts owed. At first her family took it well, but her father turned to alcohol and her mother to drugs. She was roaming the streets at 13, a duct rat, and she earned the nickname of 'Seagull' from a visiting human merchant and her husband due her bold style of stealing food from plates while people were still eating.

She was taken under the wing by Lydia Stirling, who helped pay for her education. She came to see Lydia and Jackson as her adoptive parents, while pushing her genetic parents further from herself. While she only managed to achieve average scores, with a bit of work and paperwork chasing, she was able to enlist in the Systems Alliance Marines. Growing up in a harsh lifestyle seemed to give her an advantage, and she grew to the challenges that military life presented her. While it mightn't fit in well with other units, but as an infiltrator, she made certain that her own people in the unit are provided for first, before everyone else, especially from the officer rations.

She has seen action in the past, mainly in anti-piracy operations.

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