When used to eavesdrop on or secretly watch an event or another character, the skill total indicates the amount of information gained from the surveillance, use the Observation Encounters table. A Critical Failure could mean anything from no information obtained to being immediately spotted by the character being observed, depending on the situation.

When searching for a hidden object or person, the difficulty is generally the hide roll used to conceal the target. Otherwise, the base difficulty is 5, modified by the table below.

Time Taken: One round or longer

Situation Difficulty Modifier
Character knows target’s exact location 0
Character knows target’s approximate location +5
Character has vague information about the target or its location +15
Character has only general idea of what she’s looking for; searching for small objects +20
Character has no idea what she’s looking for; searching for obscure or tiny objects +25
Searching for microscopic objects* +30
*Might not be possible without special equipment or abilities.

For additional difficulty modifiers, refer to the Observation Encounters table.

When attempting to track someone, the base difficulty is 10 or the target’s sneak roll, if the target is actively trying to hide her trail.

Characters can also use search to shadow a target.

Condition Difficulty Modifier
Trail is a day old +3
Trail is a few days old +6
Trail is a week old +9
Tracking during inclement weather +6
Soft dirt, mud, snow -3
Grassland 0
Forest, thin crowd +3
Rain forest, dense crowd +6
Desert, arctic wasteland, hard surface +9
Number of people being tracked (for every 2 people) -3
Tracking a wheeled vehicle -6
Per additional vehicle -3
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