Martina Serra
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Full Name Martina Serra
Portrayed By Olivia Thirlby
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth 9th May, 2159
Place of Birth Omega
Occupation Commando
Known Relatives Father:
Angelo Serra
(14/12/2136 - Present)

Olivia Hickman
(27/1/2141 - 1/1/2166)

Tiago Serra
(9/5/2159 - Present)
Special Notes Headbutt_OK


It's rare to hear anything nice said about Martina Serra. She's easily linked to the decimated mercenary group known as 'The Sullied', and just as easily named and shamed for her failure to lead them into anything but reckless defeat. Cerberus guard their secrets well, and she's now considered MIA by anyone not privy to clandestine information. To those in the organization itself, all that needs be said is she's better known by the damning epiphet, 'Krogan Bitch'.


A former mercenary captain whose unit was wiped out in a high-pay, high-risk assault on the Outer Rim, Martina Serra - who insists on going by her last name alone - possesses a degree of infamy on the intergalactic underground. Her best friend and mentor was a Krogan sapper who happened to be the only other survivor, and the jury's still out on who pulled whom from a fiery death.

A tough combatant and low-level biotic, she's been recruited into Cerberus following a voluntary surgery carried out by an undercover operative. Apparently he admired her resolve and dedication; after all, few humans go so far as to retrofit their own bodies with subdermal plating just to survive a few more firefights. Serra now works at the lowest level as an enforcer. Nobody's sure if it makes her 'happy' or if she really believes in anything at all, but most are too afraid to even ask. Her role suits her well.


  • Scowl.

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