Full Name Siennis M'Torann
Portrayed By Grey DeLisle
Species Asari
Gender Mono-Gendered, Feminine
Date of Birth July 28th
Place of Birth Citadel
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Known Relatives None
Special Notes None
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*Orphan, father was a drell killed for falling in love with his mark, Siennis'

*Mother was a scientist, had work stolen by colleague and was framed for doing
what he did, lead to her being disgraced.

*Grew up on Illium, mother taught in rougher areas educating lower-class

*Mother killed shortly before attempting to leave Illium for Asari Republic

*Vengeance led to fluke success, and collecting on a bounty.

*Works as a bounty hunter, occasionally contracts out as a mercenary when work
is scarce.


…Hey kid. What do you want?.. Wait, what's my story? Goddess, do you really think everyone around here is going to just… Tell you their life history?.. See this? This is an M-3 Predator heavy pistol. Could blow a hole straight through your head, if I were any other thug in this bar… You're joking. You still want to know? Well, alright. Take a seat. Name's Siennis. Dad's a Drell. Backstabby type like most of them, what with those jellyfish using them as hitmen all the time. Mom was one of his marks, scientist working for… Some corporation or another, she never told me. Turns out, he'd never met an asari before and knew crap all about dealing with anything with a pair of boobs. He got close to her socially… In the long term, they spent a few nights together before he got offed for falling for his mark.

So that's how my parents met. Great story, isn't it?.. What, you want more? Fine, but you're buying me a drink after this. Anyway, mom getting pregnant took her off of her research team for a bit, maternity stuff, that sort of thing. Turns out, her new, 'Best Friend' at the time, some… Salarian or whatever, decided that her work was a real gem. Good enough to steal, and claim that he developed it while she was carrying me. When mom went to confront him a while after? He said that she stole from him. The allegations screwed her over in the scientific community… From there, she got a teaching job in a craptastic school in the terminus systems. It wasn't the hellhole called Omega you and I are standing on right now, but… Let's be honest. She was teaching slum kids their ABCs. Eventually, she gathered enough money to move us out… Would've been nice, moving to somewhere that didn't have gunshots every 3-4 nights. But hey, life sucks. She got offed, I took to whacking the morons that did it to her… Accidentally blew up a fuel line near their boss' head, found out he had a bounty on him. And that's how I got into this business. So, drink?

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