Siri'Tala nar Jarok
Full Name Siri'Tala nar Jarok
Portrayed By Summer Glau
Species Quarian
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 24, 2164
Place of Birth Liveship Jarok
Occupation Combat-savvy mechanic.
Known Relatives Kalen'Tala vas Jarok, Karis'Tala vas Jarok.
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Every 18 year old starts out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, especially when they're leaving the Flotilla for the first time. Unfortunately, while Siri'Tala nar Jerok is a rather good mechanic, circumstance has sort of…forced her to develop other skills. Siri's true passion is, of course, Technology, but it's hard to focus on how awesome a computer system is, or how well an engine runs when you don't have a roof over your head, and the guy you repair parts for pays you half wages. Siri wasn't a good soldier to begin with, but she was good enough, and eventually she sort of picked up the skills she needed by osmosis. That being said, Siri really does better with Tech than with guns, and she prefers them. If she could get a nice cushy job fixing peoples engines…well, she'd probably do that. It's been a year since she left the Flotilla, and she's not so bright-eyed, or bushy tailed, but she's a stubborn Quarian, and needless to say, she can't go home until she completes her pilgrimage. She's looking to join a crew and hopefully do some more travelling. Perhaps that will help her get what she needs. In reality, Siri misses the flotilla a little bit—she'd like to return home, and she's willing to do some adventuring to achieve her goals.


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