Sisi Steltek
Full Name Sisi Steltek
Portrayed By TBA
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 9, 2150
Place of Birth Omega
Occupation Alliance Marine
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Sisi Steltek is an Alliance Marine, a somewhat odd affiliation for someone of her origins: the Stelteks are an Omegan family of mercenaries, bounty hunters, bodyguards, and assassins. They have also been a keeper of the traditional Terran martial arts for over 700 years. They carry forward the aristocratic attitudes associated with history's professional warriors, including thin-veiled arrogance and an obsession with a certain rather bloody variety of honor. Sisi, along with her older sister and three younger brothers, was raised in these traditions and instilled with these attitudes.

Sisi Steltek has spent some time in the family business, which is typically performed either on Omega or somewhere with unfortunate connections thereto. In 2180, the restless Steltek daughter enlisted in the Alliance Marines. Some desk officer reviewing datapads one day in 2182 decided to put her to work as a CQC instructor. She is many Marines' irritating 6-hour Friday, 6-hour Sunday bimonthly training rotation entry. Nobody can ever enjoy that Saturday.


Born on Omega. Worked in "the family business" for a while. Got restless and left, and joined the Marines.

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