Sleight Of Hand

The difficulty for a sleight of hand attempt is usually the opponent’s Perception + Search, either as a die roll (if the opponent is actively watching for tricks) or as a derived target value equal to 3 times the number of Dice in the opponent’s Perception attribute plus Search skill level, adding any attribute pips.
e.g. Perception 3D+1, Search +9 results in a target difficulty of 3Dx3=9+1+9=19

Situation Difficulty Modifier
Simple act (such as palming a tiny object or sliding a hand into one’s own pocket unnoticed) -6 or more
Confused or distracted target; crowded conditions; minor distractions -6
Unobservant target; target constantly jostled; major distractions -9
Observant target; light crowd +3
Challenging act (such as palming a baseball) +6 or more
Suspicious target +6
Watchful target; few distractions +9

Characters also may use sleight of hand to pick locks, but they may not attempt to do so without some kind of tools (hairpins, wire coat hanger, Biotics, etc.). Improvised tools do not add to character’s skill roll, but specialized tools will.

Type of Lock Difficulty Lock Condition Difficulty Modifier
Simple key lock 6 Poorly constructed -6
Complex key lock 12 Well constructed +3
Combination lock 18 Military or security style +6
High security style +9
Lock blueprints and diagrams -3
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