Social Skills

Social Skills cover interpersonal skills.

Social Skills are ranked from 0 to 10. Characters can begin with up to 8 in each.

Level 0: Inept
Level 2: Capable (all characters start with this level in everything)
Level 4: Skillful
Level 6: Exceptional
Level 8: Genius

1 IP buys 4 Skill Points. 1 Skill Point is enough to raise one of these skills by one level. For example, it costs 2 Skill Points to raise Deceive from 2 to 4.


This covers any kind of interpersonal trickery, such as lying or conveying an emotion that is not felt.

Sense Deceit

Rolled against Deceive.

Can be used to detect someone is trying to deceive you, including leaving something out of the story. "There's something else going on here … "


The use of threats and psychological dominance to make someone cave into your immediate demands. This does not cover abstract "intimidation" of the form of "vote our way or we'll revoke your funding"; rather, it refers to the use of immediate intimidation to overwhelm someone's capacity for careful reflection.


Used to persuade someone of something, ranging from "you shouldn't give me that parking ticket" to "biotics need to be treated better".

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