In the Systems Alliance, a Specialist is a soldier who operates to some degree outside of the unit's usual structure on account of their expertise in a specialized role.


In the Marines, a Specialist might be a Tech or Biotics user, or a combat engineer, or a sniper. They are equivalent in rank to a Corporal, but unlike a Corporal they do not take a formal leadership role, and are more properly described as parallel in rank to other enlisted soldiers than superior to them.

SpecOps soldiers, such as the renowned N7 operatives, often hold the formal rank of Specialist, unless they have received a commission. Because special operatives are frequently removed from their units and deployed on short notice to special assignments, it is unusual for them to hold commissions. Commissioned special operatives are either officers who lead permanent or semi-permanent special operations teams or are routinely deployed to coordinate with officers in the regular military.

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