Game masters may allow a character to make a multi-action stamina roll to complement a strenuous activity, such as lifting or running.

The difficulty equals 5 times the current fatigue modifier.

The character may add one-half (rounded up) of the difference between the successful stamina roll and the difficulty.
The strenuous activity still receives the fatigue modifier.

Whenever a character fails a stamina roll, she is fatigued; all actions are at -3 for every stamina check failed until the character rests for as long as she exerted herself. Characters can still continue if they are fatigued, until they fail a third stamina check. At this point, the character is completely exhausted and must rest for twice the amount of time that she exerted herself to remove the penalty.

To avoid the effects of a toxin (inhaled, ingested, or absorbed) or disease (encountered in any manner), a character makes a stamina roll. Several factors figure into the difficulty of the attempt, including the deadliness and dosage of the poison in question.

For example, a fatal bout of botulism has a difficulty of 9, while a killing dose of cyanide has a difficulty of 42.
Characters may attempt to counter toxins once per day.

Game masters might also call for stamina rolls against falling asleep or unconscious.
Resisting sleep is a difficulty of 5 per hour beyond the normal awake time, modified by environmental factors.

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