This page seeks to keep track of the MUSH's major storylines. PC actions influence the way these storylines progress; in some cases negatively, in some cases by nudging certain factors "up" or "down" and thus influencing the story progression choices that themestaff may make.

See Plot Policy for rules on running plots that can impact these storylines.

A reference map of the galaxy can be found here.

The Eden Prime War

The geth are raiding planets throughout the galaxy, including established worlds that would never have to fear pirate raids or anything else less organized than these geth assaults. The raids began in 2183, when the geth attacked the human world of Eden Prime in the Exodus Cluster. The geth had not been seen beyond the Perseus Veil since the 20th century. The geth are searching for Prothean artifacts under the direction of Sovereign.

Council Strength

Council Strength is a numerical measure of how the war is going, and will set the overall tone going into the Battle of the Citadel plot at the end of our first season. This includes everything from comparative technological power to military mobilization to the degree to which the geth threat is acknowledged and preparations are underway to fight them off. A Council Strength of 100 represents parity with the geth. Lower values forecast a bleak outlook for the Battle of the Citadel. Higher values indicate Council readiness and offer hope of a comparatively brighter outcome.

Council Strength is currently at 50. This means that the geth are an overwhelming force, and their technology is clearly superior to that of the Council. At the moment, a full-scale confrontation would likely go very badly for the Council.

Plot outcomes can increase or decrease Council Strength. For example, if the characters convince a stubborn Council member to start taking the geth situation more seriously, Council Strength might go up a few points to represent that. If you'd like to run a plot that could have an effect on this primary storyline, visit Plot Policy for more information.

What the average person knows

The average person does not know about the Prothean artifacts found on Eden Prime: the dig site was locked up by the military pretty fast. The average person just knows that one day the Geth attacked the colony.
Everyone knows that the geth are back, and raiding Council worlds. They don't seem to be an invasion force: they're just attacking planets and then leaving. The geth have a pretty meaningful advantage against the type of resistance they usually encounter. The assaults come out of nowhere and hit with advanced technology and military coordination.

The average person, civilian or military, does not know why the geth have emerged from their seclusion, what other forces they might be allied with, or why they're attacking all these planets.

Critical factors

  • Warning time: Currently, there is very little advance warning of geth attacks. Casualties are typically high.
  • Technology: Geth pulse weapons are very effective against most current defensive technology. Geth weapons tear through personal shields and disintegrate armor.
  • Motivation: Nobody knows what the geth are after, or what it would take to make them stop raiding worlds. Some think they have no reason and will never stop.
  • Strategy: Nobody knows if the geth are going to stick with raids, or if they're planning to launch a full-scale invasion (or worse).

Rogue Spectre: Saren

Saren, a long-serving Spectre, has gone rogue. This has been kept under seal. However, the Council and its constituent civilizations have been trying to track him down. Shepard, the first human Spectre, is currently pursuing Saren. This is also top secret information.

Right now, the Council has no clue where Saren is or what he's up to, though they know Shepard suspects an apocalyptic Reaper invasion.

Human Biotics

Most humans distrust biotics. It is very hard for a biotic to find a non-military career. A few biotics have even been murdered by mobs, although this kind of violence is rare.

There are also a number of L2 human biotics. Their implants cause illnesses ranging from migraines to total mental breakdown. Currently, the only "cure" is an upgrade to L3-R implants, which has a 61% risk of serious and permanent neural damage. The Alliance says it's researching other treatments, and investigating other possibilities for permanent cures, but some argue that it's only a token effort. Some L2 biotics have taken violent action against the Alliance; others have started biotic supremacy movements.

The Genophage

The genophage is a genetic virus created by the Salarians to halt Krogan population growth. (The Salarians were the ones who "uplifted" the Krogan to high intelligence in the first place, in order to use Krogans as soldiers.) Several centuries ago, the Turians used it as a weapon of last resort (there is some dispute on this point) when the Krogans were poised to conquer them. The genophage causes a large percentage of stillbirths in Krogans.

The genophage has ravaged Krogan civilization; Krogans now typically belong to one of several warring tribes who fight over the few fertile females.

Although this is not common knowledge, even among the Krogan, the Krogan are slowly developing resistance to the genophage.

Political Attitudes

The official stance of most governments is "what's done is done; we can't reverse the genophage, so it's pointless to discuss". Many believe that if the genophage were ever to be cured, the Krogan would go on a rampage and plunge the galaxy into another war.

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