Systems Alliance

The Systems Alliance is the representative body of Earth and all human colonies in Citadel space. Backed by Earth's most powerful nations, the Alliance has become humanity's military, exploratory and economic spearhead. While the Alliance is relatively new to the galactic community, it has already made a name for itself, gaining humans an embassy on the Presidium. The Alliance is governed by a parliament based at Arcturus Station; the station also serves as the Alliance's capital.


The Alliance is responsible for the government and defense of all extra-solar human colonies, and represents humanity on the galactic stage. It is a supranational government, and is based on a parliamentary system, with the Alliance Parliament based at Arcturus Station. It is unknown if the representation is based on the population of member nations on Earth and the colonies, or if all nations and colonies involved receive the same amount of parliamentary members.

It can be speculated the Alliance military requires some form of oversight afforded by a Prime Minister, and the larger issue of the Alliance government would require ministers to oversee the various bureaucracies. While the Alliance is a supranational government, the member nations retain their individual sovereignty back on Earth.

Among the Citadel races, the Alliance is considered a sovereign nation and no other species has right of oversight into Alliance affairs.

Military Doctrine

The Alliance military is respected by the Citadel races for its novel tactics and technology (and not least for the fact the First Contact War had more turian than human casualties). Their strength lies in fire support, flexibility, and speed. The Council regards the Alliance as a "sleeping giant" as only 3% of humans volunteer for military service. They make up for low numbers with sophisticated technical support (VIs, drones, artillery, electronic warfare) and emphasis on mobility and individual initiative. Their military doctrine is not based on absorbing and dishing out heavy shocks like the turians and krogan. Rather, they bypass enemy strong points and launch deep into their rear, cutting supply lines and logistics, destroying headquarters and support units, leaving enemies to 'wither on the vine' (similar to Blitzkrieg tactics used by Germany in the Second World War.)

On defense, the Alliance military lives by Sun Tzu's maxim, "He who tries to defend everything defends nothing." Only token garrisons are placed on their colonies. These are intended for scouting rather than combat, avoiding engagement to observe and report on invaders using drones. However the Alliance stations powerful fleets at mass relay nexuses so that in the event of an attack they respond with overwhelming force.

The Hahne-Kedar company and Aldrin Labs are key suppliers of the military. All soldiers receive gene therapy for improved strength and stamina. The Alliance also recruits biotics, who are trained using techniques developed at BAaT (originally run by Conatix Industries). The new L3 biotic implants are considered a significant step forward in biotic amplification.

The Alliance maintains an impressive navy, though it is only entitled to a small number of dreadnoughts, partly due to the Treaty of Farixen limiting their construction, compared to the turians or the asari. Arcturus Station, as a key installation with several mass relays leading to human territory, is heavily defended.

Chain of Command

Serviceman 3rd Class/Private 2nd Class
Serviceman 2nd Class/Private 1st Class
Serviceman 1st Class/Corporal
Service Chief
Gunnery Chief
Operations Chief
2nd Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant
Staff Lieutenant
Lieutenant Commander
Staff Commander
Rear Admiral/General
Fleet Admiral

Unit Organization


Marines are organized into units as follows. Troop counts are flexible based on operational necessity.

Division: 10,000 Marines, commanded by a Major as CO with a Staff Commander as XO. Divisions are rarely seen assembled in one place outside of a larger colony world's garrison or a battlefield.

Brigade: 1,000 Marines, commanded by a Staff Commander as CO with a Staff Lieutenant as XO. This is a heavy cruiser's maximum complement. It is also a typical size for a smaller colony's garrison. A capital ship might have more than one Brigade on board.

Company: 100 Marines, commanded by a First Lieutenant. The typical complement for a cruiser.

Platoon: 50 Marines, commanded by a Second Lieutenant. Marines are not usually deployed on long-term missions in smaller units than this. A platoon is a typical complement for a light cruiser.

Squad: 10 Marines, commanded by a Sergeant. It can be split into two fireteams, in addition to the Sergeant and at least one Specialist. This Specialist might be a heavy weapons operator, a Tech or Biotics user, a sniper, a special operations soldier, or a medic.

Fireteam: 4 Marines, led by a Corporal. The most basic tactical unit, and the least "formal" or "permanent".

Most Marines stay with their unit at all times. Special operatives, such as N7s, are often assigned to a unit but will be sent away on special assignment from time to time, either on their own or as a temporary part of a different unit.


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