Tactics represents a character’s skill in deploying military forces and maneuvering them for the best advantage. Characters can rely
on it for general knowledge of how best to stage a military operation or the best response to an opponent’s move in battle. Tactics attempts can complement command and combat rolls for the group the character advises.

The better the result, the more details a game master should give to help the character win the battle. Hints can take the form of reminders about different moves the enemy can make, suggestions on how to maneuver the character’s forces, or (for especially good rolls) risky and unanticipated moves that could throw the enemy off guard. Nonetheless, characters should keep in mind that tactics might suggest a theoretically optimum solution, but the execution might not come off as well as planned.

Tactics difficulties should be based on various factors of complexity within a battle: how many units are involved, the setting (empty space, asteroid field, planetary terrain), and the difference in training and equipment between units (battleships versus in-system defenders; trained mercenaries versus primitive natives; space military versus experienced rebels).

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