Full Name Tasar'Dremah vas Alarei nar Talazi
Portrayed By
Species Quarian
Gender Male
Date of Birth
Place of Birth The Talazi
Occupation C-Sec Technician/Hacker
Known Relatives Liema'Dremah / Fasan'Dremah
Special Notes quick to anger with quarian-hating


Tasar'Dremah is a Quarian on its Pilgrimage. Well mannered, polite and modest, he strifes to be an example for how his race really behaves. He used to serve on the "Alarei", the ship Tali'Zorahs Father uses for scientific research. That exactly is also one of the reasons for his pilgrimage. He has orders from Admiral Rael'Zorah to investigate the possibilities for Quarian to develop Biotic talents. Tasar is eager to find and present his results to the Admirality as closure for his pilgrimage.


Tasar is known on the Alarei but not much beyound the ship. Those who know him speak of him as collected, calm and polite. His attitude torwards Geth however is nothing the Quarian in general like. Tasar thinks, that the conflict with the geth can be settled, with both sentient beings able to live on Rannoch. They are, so he says, somewhat like Parent and child. That is, of course, outrageous and not common for Quarian. Tasar, however, holds a hologramm of his grandfather dear to him. Its a decrypted message and Tasar could only encrypt two words of the message: "…forgive them". At citadel security, Tasar is known as an able, almost genial Technician. C-Sec appreciates Tasar for his talents in counter-hacking and his general support in C-Sec Operations. His Colleagues like him for being honest, joyful and able to be amused about even the flattest joke. But most of C-Sec cant see through the racial stigma they placed upon the quarians themselves. Tasar already got some cases of infrigement because he violently debates and discussed against racial comments regarding Quarians.


Tasar is known for his technological expertise. He is used to on the spot operations and stays calm even in tough situations. He has this presence that is likely to induce calmness in others around him. Whenever he has the chance, he tries to talk before using violent actions.


  • Birth/early years/teens

- Born to Liema and Fasan'Dremah on the Talazi.
- Normal Quarian Childhood
- Trying to decypher a holographic table his Grandfather left in the care of the family.
- Neck for technical things and Computer use, much like most quarians
- Working on the Alarei under Rael'Zorah, looking up to Tali'Zorah
- Going on his pilgrimage

  • Pilgrimage

1: Arrival at Citadel
2: Joining C-Sec
3: Working for C-Sec

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