Tass Bolan
Tass Bolan
Full Name Nasurn Ghan Aegohr Tass Bolan
Portrayed By Colin Donnell
Species Salarian
Gender Male
Date of Birth Late 2163
Place of Birth Nasurn
Occupation Operative of the Special Tasks Group
Known Relatives Parents, Estranged
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Tass Bolan is from a moderately respected family from the Salarian Colonial territories. Tass Bolan decided at a remarkably young age to go into service for the Salarian Union. Where his father was engaged in weapons research and manufacturing, Tass Bolan was more interested in using and deploying said weapons systems. After a brief service within the internal security forces of the Union, Tass was drawn into the Special Tasks Group.

After the intensive training program of the STG was completed, Tass Bolan was assigned to one of the STG cells primarily responsible for monitoring the and operating in the Terminus Systems. Due to his time in the Terminus Systems, Tass has grown into a hard-nosed, blunt individual. When assignments to STG Cells in other sectors of the galaxy has come up, Tass has routinely rejected them in favor of staying in the Terminus Systems where he believes his work truly matters.


Among the STG, Tass Bolan is an up and coming Operative. He's headstrong, but effective. Rarely does he question orders or tasks assigned to him. He is aware of the weight on his shoulders due to his job and does not skirt away from his responsibilities. To those outside of the STG; Tass Bolan is different. He spends the majority of his time within the Terminus Systems and working there dictates a certain attitude. He plays the chameleon and is known for his outgoing, inquisitive persona. He is whatever anyone wants him to be. He is skilled with a gun, skilled with an omni tool and skilled at a computer terminal. He is a man of certain skills that many are happy to approach him to pay for.

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