Full Name Teirin Avery O'Connor
Portrayed By Chris Hemsworth
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth 01 Aug 2155
Place of Birth Syracuse NY, Earth
Occupation Businessman, Founder of Kinetic Kreations, a newly opened store on the Citadel.
Known Relatives Father: Bruse O'Connor, Mother: Abbigaile O’Connor, Both of Teirin's parents work in business and trade, they run a commercial investment business in Illium specializing in high-end technology and materials.
Special Notes Teirin is considered to be a shrewd and enterprising businessman. He is also, contrary to many examples of businessmen, fair and honest in his dealing with his customers.
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Teirin, or Tin to his closest of friends, is known to be a shrewd and skilled businessman, even at his young age. He is capable at handling both commercial and black-market contracts. He will not deal in slavery or slaves or any ventures that deal with them. He is not above cheating someone if the occasion arises but usually runs a fair deal, counting on loyal clients and return business over the quick venture.


Teirin, not your usual name for a faintly red haired and green eyed kid from Earth. But here he is. Named by his father for a Turian, both a good friend and fellow Soldier. Teirin Avarius had sacrificed himself to save Tin’s father. It was something that his father would never forget and would never allow Tin to either.

After the war and Teirin’s birth, Bruse and Abbigaile O’Connor settled on Earth and went into business. Abby was already a CPA, holding an MBA from Harvard and second Masters is Business Admin from Syracuse University in New York. She held the family together during the deployments her husband faced on active duty. Once he resigned, there was nothing stopping them. Colony opportunities and commercial investments were running rampant and there was no end in sight to the money that could be made. Tin spend many hours listening over dinner and even on vacation to his parent drone on and on about how to make the most return on investment for least work and how to turn that opportunity into a new and more lucrative opportunity.

It was many years after Bruse went into business for himself that he first started moving black-market goods. It was something he had thought about for a long time and had never had the nerve to do. He gave in one night, when presented with a vastly profitable venture into the Terminus Systems. It was to be the turning point for Bruse and his family. The venture went off without a hitch. Bruse and Abby moved with Tin to Illium for better investment and commercial venture potential. Tin learned quickly, the in’s and out’s black market trade and he even dabbled a little of his own money here and there, trying to increase his own wealth and standing with some of his father’s contacts.

Teirin spent several years working on the Illium working for his parents and making contacts and in his spare time working for other commercial enterprises in the Illium markets. He learned every trick and tactic that he could in order to get the best deal for himself and get the most profit from his customers. He had no qualms about what was bought or sold, stopping only at slavery. Indentured servants, that was one thing, they made that choice themselves… slaves were something else. He was known to be a fair salesman and was also known to go that extra mile to get his hands on whatever it might be that his clients were looking for.

After several years, Bruse got a chance to expand his operations and open up a venture on the Citadel itself. Seeing that his son was making a name for himself on Illium and was near as smart as either himself or his mother at business, they decided that there were going to give Tin a chance and let him be the one to open the shop and see if he had what it took to make the business into a capital investment that they hoped it would be. Given only a modest stock of basic items, Tin sent out to the Citadel to open a shop and to see what he could do. Secretly he had plans and designs to even out-do his own parents when it came to business.

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