The thematic setting for Mass Effect: Legends is the Mass Effect universe, beginning not long (about a month) before the ending of Mass Effect 1. Using "theme" in its more traditional and abstract sense, the theme of the MUSH is comprised of following the stories of the "other" galactic individuals who matter: your characters.

Thematic Setting

The MUSH is set in the Mass Effect Universe. The action starts a few weeks before the end of Mass Effect 1, in late 2183. For a full history of the Mass Effect Universe, see the Timeline but not that many ancient events are not known - even to the most learned historians of the current time.

The Storylines page records major storylines and their current status. PC actions affect these storylines.

Plot Points

The Mass Effect storyline is shaped by Commander Shepard's life and actions at several critical points. For Mass Effect: Legends, the "canon" is as follows:

Commander Jane Shepard

  • Born as a Spacer, her parents both having served in the Alliance Military.
  • Her mother, Hannah Shepard is currently the Executive Officer (XO) aboard the Alliance dreadnaught SSV Kilimanjaro.
  • Commander Shepard is regarded as a War Hero. She was enjoying some leave time on Elysium at the onset of the Skyllian Blitz. Rallying resistant to the attacking batarian slavers, and facing nearly impossible odds, she placed herself in harm's way to save the lives of countless colonists. She all but single handedly delayed the attacking slavers until reinforcements could arrive. As as result, Shepard earned great recognition and a number of medals for her heroism and bravery.
  • Shepard is considered heroic and compassionate but she is not one to back down from decisively making and acting on tough choices when there are no other options.

Urdnot Wrex

  • Survived Virmire and remains his usual charming self.

Kaidan Alenko

  • Sacrificed himself and his fire team to buy time for Ashley and the team arming the nuclear device.

Ashley Williams

  • Survived Virmire along with the Normandy crew and the remaining members of Captain Kirahe's unit.


  • Zhu's Hope was saved, the Thorian destroyed. Shiala was allowed to remain and aid the settlement.
  • Exogeni agreed to help further support Zhu's Hope because of their unethical treatment of the colonists previously.


  • The Rachni: The Rachni Queen was spared, agreeing to withdraw to remote space to teach her children peace.

Terra Firma

  • Shepard refused to support the militant faction or Charles Saracino.

Saren Arterius

  • Saren Arterius was revealed to be a traitor to the Council and a pawn of Sovereign.
    • Only Shepard and Alliance brass truly know this, the Council is in denial about the Reapers now that the threat is perceived as 'gone').


  • Sovereign was destroyed, damaging large portions of the Presidum Ring, Teyseri and Zakera Wards.

The Citadel and the fate of the Council

  • The "Geth" invasion of the Citadel was stopped at great cost:
    • The Systems Alliance 5th Fleet arrived in time to save the Citadel Council aboard the Destiny Ascension.
    • While losing much of their fleets, the Alliance was granted a place on the Council for their heroic actions.
  • Udina is the Alliance Councilman.

Overall Game Theme and You

The primary game theme we want to emphasize with Mass Effect: Legends is that individuals matter. Roleplay is meant to explore this theme of individuals changing the course of history. Some framework happens as in the games. But every choice can and should matter. Your characters are those individuals who make such choices.

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