Full Name Titus Scaero
Portrayed By Unknown
Species Turian
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2157
Place of Birth Palaven
Occupation Investigator, C-Sec
Known Relatives Father: Pullius - Turian military officer
Special Notes N/A
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Titus Scaero was born 26 years ago on Palaven, like most turians. His father was an officer in the turian military, having risen from the lowest private through the NCO corps to spend the rest of his career as a mid-level officer. His family was an extremely proud one, most noteable because of his father's achievements, and took great pains to show their new level. Because of this, Titus was always taught the niceties of civility in such company. But that wouldn't stop him from becoming a base recruit in the turian military when his turn finally came. He served distincly enough, rising to become a low-level NCO with some record of distinction.

At the age of 21, however, Titus knew a military career was not for him. He was far too inquisitive and somewhat placative. With his service up he departed Palaven for the Citadel, and after a couple months of soul-searching he joined Citadel Security as a patrol officer. His experience and distinction in the turian military was well-suited, and he became a well-known entity on the force. But his inquisitive mind strived for more, and after three years on the beat he applied to become an Investigator, and for the past year and a half has applied his mind and his craft to solving the crimes of the Citadel.


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