Attribute Dice 18D
Attribute Min Max
Dexterity 2D 4D+2
Knowledge 2D 4D
Mechanical 2D 4D
Perception 2D 4D+2
Strength 2D 4D+1
Technical 2D 4D+2
Biotics 0D 4D+1
Move 10 12
Homeworld Palaven
Languages Turian, Basic
Example Names Garrus Vakarian, Nihlus Kryik, Saren Arterius, Chellick, Septimus, Nyreen Kandros.

Known for their militaristic and disciplined culture, the turians were the third race to join the Citadel Council. They gained their Council seat after defeating the hostile krogan for the Council during the Krogan Rebellions. The turians deployed a salarian-created biological weapon called the genophage, which virtually sterilized the krogan and sent them into a decline. The turians then filled the peacekeeping niche left by the once-cooperative krogan, and eventually gained a Council seat in recognition of their efforts.

Originally from the planet Palaven, turians are best known for their military role, particularly their contributions of soldiers and starships to the Citadel Fleet. They are respected for their public service ethic—it was the turians who first proposed creating C-Sec—but are sometimes seen as imperialist or rigid by other races. There is some animosity between turians and humans, largely due to the Turian role in the First Contact War. This bitterness is slowly beginning to heal—as shown by the cooperation of the two races on the construction of the SSV Normandy—but many turians still hate humans, and vice versa.


Turian features are avian in nature, resembling Terran birds or raptors. Most also have painted-on markings on their faces whose design and color denote which colony or system they were born or raised in.

Turian society in general is very honor-bound, concerned with the performance of one's duty, regardless of one's role in society. All turians work for the glory of the state and are all state-employed in some way. Military service is required for all turian citizens, as well as client races who wish to become full turian citizens.

Despite this preoccupation with law and order, many are surprised by the importance turian society places on personal freedoms. Turian society allows for freedom of speech, religion and the practice of practically any activity that does not harm or undermine the state. There are turians who are known to observe and adhere to asari and even human religious practices; there is an increasingly large segment of turians who are known to practice Confucianism and/or Zen Buddhism.

Their species is governed by the Turian Hierarchy, a collection of military leaders and autocrats, and of the three permanent council races, they possess the largest military force, even if they are not as powerful as the technologically, diplomatically and economically superior Asari. As such, they are largely employed as the front line of the Council's combined military forces.

Politically, the Turians are conservative, paying great observance to tradition, duty, loyalty, honor and the preservation of the status quo. Still, they generally get along well with most other races. There is a great deal of hostility between they and the Krogan for obvious reasons, and there is a lingering degree of distrust and enmity between the turians and the human race, the bitter memories of the First Contact War still very fresh for both races. However, the Turians still greatly respect the military tactics and aptitude of the humans as demonstrated against them in battle during the reclamation of the human colony of Shanxi. The rate of human colonization, material wealth and influence within the Council is known to irk some prominent Turians, but there is a grudging respect between the two races.

Turians are tall bipeds standing 1.8 to 2.0m in height and weigthing between 80 and 95kg. Turians have a reputation for skill and bravery in combat, but are not considered bloodthirsty. In combat, turian units are highly adaptable and yet highly disciplined. Turian units do not break, no matter how disadvantaged; they will retreat and withdraw if necessary, but will do so in an orderly fashion, setting up vicious rear-guard actions and ambushes along the way. A rigid code of honor and strict discipline are the hallmarks of any turian officer and soldier. This includes humane treatment of prisoners and conquered enemies. A turian unit will never willingly leave behind one of their own, no matter what the cost of going back to retrieve their comrade.

Military service is required for all turian citizens, as well as client races who wish to become full turian citizens. Therefore, even a Turian that is no longer in active military service is still a formidable opponent. Though finding a Turian not in some form of armed service, whether military or civil, is very rare.


Turians are taught to have a strong sense of personal accountability, the "Turian Honor" that other races find remarkable.

Physical Traits

Tall and of an avian build, they evolved skin armor to protect them from the radiation of their homeworld. It is common for turians to wear the facial markings of their home colony.


Turians enjoy absolute freedom of religion and can practice whatever appeals to them so long as it does not impede anyone's ability to perform their duties.


Turian biotics are uncommon, and generally viewed with suspicion by the general turian population.

Unique Abilities

Military Upbringing

All turians gain a +2 roll bonus to Dexterity: Ranged, Dexterity: Grenade, Dexterity: Melee, Knowledge: Tactics and Perception: Command skills.

Detective Souls

During character creation every 1 skill point spent on Perception: Investigation, Knowledge: Law Enforcement, Knowledge: Streetwise gives +2 (maximum of 6).


Turians gain +12 to all Knowledge: Willpower rolls versus any command (natural, Biotic or synthetic) that breaks their code of honor.


Turians have a strict honor system, anytime a turian may spend a paragon or renegade point to aid the success of a roll against an ally or a client, the P/R point bonus is +4 and not +3.

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