Valdis Nadiri
Full Name Valdis Nadiri
Portrayed By
Species Asari
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1908 04 01 CE
Place of Birth Thessia
Occupation Asari Huntress / Mercenary
Known Relatives
Special Notes Asari Huntress/Merc for Hire
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Valdis is still in her Maiden years. Though she is battle hardened and maintains a strong business like, no-nonsense attitude when on duty she can also offer biting wit when the occasion demands it. She was injured on a mission to assassinate a Hanar religious leader in 2178. The job was done though her cover was blown; the act may be something the Hanar will not be willing to forget even years later. She is known for enjoying her off-duty hours, with dancing and drinking both scoring high on the list of extracurricular activities. She likes to have A Very Good Time and does not, often, make apologies for who finds out.


Valdis Nadiri grew up hearing about the glory of her heritage, how the Asari and Turian (her father's side) battle prowess helped put down the Krogan rebellion (with a little Salarian genophage help someplace in there, sure). She decided as a child to become an Asari Huntress and devoted herself to military life from that point on. She began training to become one of the Asari warriors when she turned 90. For the next 100 years, Valdis trained with the small units that make up the typical Asari military structure before earning her place among the elite Huntresses. She spent 75 years as a Huntress until serious injury sidelined her for six months and led to her retirement from active service. Now 270 years old, she works as a freelance mercenary and bodyguard, traveling frequently from Illium to Citadel space and beyond though when the Matriarchy asks for her assistance, she answers that call.


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