VI is the skill that governs basic computer programing as well as developing of all virtual intelligences within computer systems. A virtual intelligence is not free ranging - it is not capable of independent thought and free will. VI's are more intelligent than an "If/Then/Else" strict program but they are not self-aware as an Artificial Intelligence. They cannot pass as "Sentient" in any form.

The base difficulty is 10.

System Used Difficulty Modifier
Open-access VI mainframe 0
Networked VI 0
Isolated VI +3
Password protected +3
Accessible by a few people +3
Accessible by owner only +6
Firewall protection +6
Files encrypted +9 or more
Programming Required Situation Modifier
Simple programming language 0
Complex programming language +3
Program designed to do multiple tasks (per task) +3
Encrypting program +6
Has to work on multiple OS's (per additional system) +6
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