Vitka Vareese
Full Name Vitka Vareese
Portrayed By Mélanie Laurent
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth When was your character born?
Place of Birth Cargo Ship Vareese
Occupation Mercenary Tech
Known Relatives None
Special Notes Any other special things worth noting?
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Vitka's a mercenary technician who has run with a small band of independents for a few years before leaving that crew. She's pulled off a few small jobs and a fixer might have heard her name as someone who can hold her own during a run.

Currently working on call the docks, working on ships when career techs call in sick.


Born on a cargo ship her first memories were of being boarded and sold on Omega when she was two. She was bought as a slave and put to work as a domestic on a mining colony, later becoming a technician as she grew older. In her late teens, the colony was host to a battle between the Blue Suns and a smaller independent mercenary outfit that left most of the area a wasteland. Vitka and some others were pressed into service to repair the ship of the independent survivors and Vitka was dragged along to serve as ships engineer until a replacement could be found. She learned about combat drones and hacking during the year or two she spent with them, but eventually found herself an out, jumping ship while in a shadow port.
With enough credits to get to civilized space with a clean ID card, she spent the lot getting to the Citadel, hoping to find work, or a crew that she can join by choice rather than at gunpoint, shes been taking jobs and working one-offs for the past year or two, biding her time as she looks for people she can put up with for a longer run.

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