Zoey Hawthorne
Full Name Zoey Emmaline Hawthorne
Portrayed By N/A
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 19th, 2165
Place of Birth Outskirts of Edmonton, Canada
Occupation Systems Alliance Medical Officer
Known Relatives Gordon and Alice Hawthorne (Parents)
Special Notes None
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Zoey is a Medic with the Systems Alliance. She specializes in both battlefield treatment and more intensive surgery, has knowledge of biotic amp and cybernetic repairs, dabbles in armour repair, and has been known to speak about virtual intelligence. The young woman is fast but lacks combat prowess, preferring to keep to a pistol as her primary weapon and a suit of light armour; as a medic her job is to keep the team standing.

Zoey is young and a little idealistic. She is hopeful when all hope seems lost and kind when others need it most. Some blame it on her youth, others call her naive. She does her best to help people even if it means risk on her part.


Zoey was born in 2165 to Gordon and Alice Hawthorne, two relatively insignificant players on Earth’s stage. She was born in the outskirts of Edmonton in Canada, where the winters were harsh and the people were crude. Zoey was born a sickly child in an era of advanced technology and medicine; her parents weren’t wealthy enough to afford gene therapy prior to her birth, and the procedure was just as expensive after the fact. It was this reason that Zoey’s childhood was full of hospital visits and uncomfortable tests to deal with the symptoms of a weak and failing heart.

Growing up in a hospital wasn’t easy, but it could have been worse. Zoey became good friends with the doctors and nurses, especially those who worked with her specifically. Too sick to go to school, she did her best to home school herself and even some of the doctors and nurses helped out. It was this reason that the child took such an interest in medicine and science, having been surrounded by both of them on all sides for so long. It wasn’t long before the doctor’s noticed something; Zoey learned at an accelerated rate and could apply what she had just learned in a precise fashion. At her age this was considered impressive, so the doctors and nurses pitched in to pay for an actual teacher to come in and teach her. This teacher taught her the basics that all children should know, as well as some other areas that Zoey showed interest in, namely the function of Omni-tools and basic programming. At her age this was odd, but the teacher agreed and gave lessons on each. With school lessons from the teacher and informal medical lessons from the doctors and nurses, Zoey was learning quite a bit. Meanwhile…

Her father was unhappy with his daughter’s lot in life and fought as hard as she could to make it better. He was poor and unskilled, but he took every job he could to keep the money coming in so his daughter could afford her hospital stays. Most of these jobs were less than legal, often with the small crime bosses in the area. The pay was good but the work was often dangerous. Around the time that Zoey was 13, Gordon was offered a simple job; deliver an unmarked package to a pre-determined location, and that was it. Easy, right? Gordon Hawthorne weighed his options; if he went through with this, the money would be enough to pay for the gene therapy and multiple surgeries that his daughter needed… if he didn’t? His daughter would be stuck at home without the medical care she needed, in constant pain, and worse. When he looked at it like that, there was no question about it. Gordon dropped off the package and quickly left. He was paid handsomely, just as promised, and he immediately set the money towards Zoey receiving the life-altering treatment that she needed. Unfortunately for Zoey, that was the last time she saw her father as a free man.

The police had an inside man on the job and the whole operation was busted wide open. It turned out the package her father delivered was high-priority black market drugs. Everyone involved in the operation, including her father, was arrested and locked up. Her father received 15 years for his part in the operation. It was a good thing he so quickly scheduled Zoey’s operations, however, because by the time the operation was busted and the assets seized, her medical procedures had already been paid for and she was already in surgery for the final part. When Zoey came to, weak from the surgery, the news was brought to her as gently as possible. Released from the hospital into her mother’s care, the two of them were lost as to what they should do now without the figurehead of their family. The teacher that had taught Zoey for years while in the hospital lightly suggest that Zoey continue with her education. Without any other form of guidance, Zoey agreed.

The gene therapy and surgeries were successful in that they offered Zoey a better quality of life, one that did not involve her dying at the age of perhaps 20. Her heart was stronger than it ever was, yet still somewhat weak in comparison to others. It allowed her to move and walk around like a normal person, breathe like a normal person, and even exert herself to some extent! Yet she was still physically weaker than most, her muscles used to the hospital bed and her body enhanced to the highest point it could be at the time. Any further treatments ran the risk of taxing her system too much, a dangerous way to continue… but Zoey was alright with what she had. This was a gift to her from her father, a miracle of medicine and science. Having lived in a hospital bed for most of her life, she never wanted to go back there. Continuing her education became her first and only objective as she felt she owed it to her father at the very least to put his gift to good use, to make something of herself. She began studying even harder from home, keeping her previous teacher from the hospital.

Word had spread around about the prodigy-level teenager and, at the age of 15, Zoey applied to a large University in Edmonton to specifically study medicine. She wanted to help people like they had helped her, save lives like they had saved hers. The young girl wanted to give back instead of always taking so selfishly. The University was hesitant to accept her based on the fact she had never been to any kind of school previously, but when they saw her entrance exam they knew what they needed to do. Zoey was accepted into University and her studies began. Zoey was the kind of student that finished the work in class and then asked questions about further topics. She was the kind of person that could finish a test in 30 minutes instead of the hours other people took, with time to spare to triple check her answers. She was smart, but uninterested in most things that weren’t medicine, science, and tech. At the age of 19 she graduated from University with a medical degree, and it did not go unnoticed.

The Systems Alliance military had taken notice of the talents unusual for her age and wanted to capitalize on them. She was approached quietly by representatives and offered a deal. They would pay her to go to more advanced schools and continue her training, if she enlisted to become a medic in the Systems Alliance military. It was almost a dream come true for Zoey; this way she could travel far and wide and help a great variety of people, some not even human! She could help right where it was needed most, and inwardly, she knew her father would be proud of her for serving. The young woman agreed and her training began. Boot camp was hell for Zoey; while she was not sickeningly weak anymore, she was by no means 100%. She was barely able to scrape by in the physical portion of training… but when it came to the hands on technical aspect? She was in her element. Zoey spent a year in various training camps and schools, learning more advanced techniques and trying to fit in to military life.

At 20, Zoey has been on a few away missions as well as patched up quite a few soldiers. As a 2nd Lieutenant Medical Officer, she gets moved around a lot to wherever her skills would be most useful.

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